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Young Lyxx : Recording Artist from San Diego

Lyxx has been a trailblazer in the music industry garnering the attention of major blogs and publications such as Hiphopsince1987, The Source Magazine, 2Dopeboyz etc

Young Lyxx : Recording Artist 

Young Lyxx is an emerging recording artist raised in San Diego, California, now based out of Atlanta, with an amazing synthesis of music that is a reflection of the best of both lifestyles. Lennix Nelson Rogers Jr. (Young Lyxx) was born on August 16, 1989 in San Diego, California. 

His early acquaintance with the music industry, numerous years of recording experience, a refreshingly pure talent, his love of music, and unbridled hard work makes Young Lyxx confident that he will be able to accomplish this mission. He grew up listening to the popular sounds of the late 80s/early 90s. His family moved to New Orleans when he was just 6 years old, but this move would prove to be instrumental in his development as a rapper. He was first introduced to the music known as “bounce” by placing his ear to the door of his older cousin.Soon after, Lyxx began writing original work of his own. At age 11, Lyxx and his parents returned to San Diego, California. Music, always his first love, made room for a second love, basketball. During off-season, Lyxx worked diligently on his first recorded CD. He was hooked on being in the studio. 

By age 13, he was introduced to the stage for the first time, rounding off his experiences. The overwhelmingly positive feedback confirmed his suspicion that this is what he was born to do. He began to pursue music, vehemently. Recording on computer mics served as good practice for what was yet to come. At age 16, Lyxx linked up with other artists. Their first professionally mixed song was entitled, “Wait A Minute” where he was featured with Aaron “Ta’Ea$t” Evans and Cairo McGee. The three clicked and eventually brought Mark “Chicago” Beard into the operation. Lyxx worked on an album recording with friend, James “jBoy” Daniels(anup and coming producer from Oceanside, California).jBoyintroduced Lyxx to Pro-Tools.

 From there Lyxx picked up his own unique “recording habits.” Lyxx’ acceptance to Clark-Atlanta University forced a move to the Peachtree state. Juggling the demands of college, a thriving social life, and a rap career was made a little easier because of the mentorship he received from rapper and former NFL player Reggie “Famouz” Stephens,his work ethic instilled by his loving parents Lennix Sr., Kim and his sheer determination to succeed. The constant study of his craft Young Lyxx states, “being perfect is impossible, but I want to be as close as I can get.” Lyxx plans to introduce a new sound to the industry and with a successful mixtape (Top Heavy Music vol. 1: THE MIXTAPE), climaxing to 800k+ plays on Myspace, he is confident that his music is ready to be heard by the discerning ears of the world. “When I make my way into the game, I’m bringing my bags to settle in, because I’m not going nowhere.” His enthusiasm topped off with talent makes all those who have come into contact with him, BELIEVE that he is here to stay.

Since his recording debut in 2009 with the Label Me EP, he has released five other well received works: Rosaries on the Dresser (2010), Happy to Be Here (2011), Jenesis Magazine & Chilly O Presents: Young Lyxx Almost There EP (2011), California Dreaming (2012), Lyxx Tape Vol .1 Hosted By Don Cannon (2013). Lyxx has been a trailblazer in the music industry garnering the attention of major blogs and publications such as Hiphopsince1987, The Source Magazine, 2Dopeboyz, Illroots, and 

As well as, notoriety from major brands such as Reebok & Adidas. He has also gained notoriety from his song writing talent which was featured on “The Hustle” on network television channel Fuse Network. Lyxx amazing stage presents and performance talent has allowed him to perform alongside the likes of Trinidad James, J.Cole, Dom Kennedy, Big K.R.I.T, Nipsey Hussle, A$AP Rocky, ASAP Rocky, LEP Bogus Boyz, Roscoe Dash, Pac Div, and many other musical greats. Lyxx has performed in some of the nation’s most notable cities such as, Atlanta, New York City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Austin for SXSW. 

Following the success of his last two projects Lyxx has also been able to perform on legendary stages on his own such as Tree Sounds and Stankonia studio as well as, his own concert sponsored by Monster Energy Drink and New Era Cap Atlanta.

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