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Anna Estrin: From the Fashion Designer to a Successful Blogger

Anna Estrin is a successful woman Entrepreneur, Fashion expert, model, content creator, and stylist.

Anna Estrin is a former fashion designer that became a famous blogger. This multitalented woman moved from Russia to the USA a few years ago and created her successful career in the capital of fashion New York. 

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Anna used to be the founder and owner of the Annie Couture NY boutique. Anna Estrin is a well-known media and PR persona, charismatic, sophisticated, and stylish woman. Anna had gathered a team of the best NY photographers, videographers, copywriters, marketers, stylists,  models, seamstresses. Each collection was the headliner on NY Fashion Week and many more fashion events. Often you can spot Anna herself wearing her exquisite garments on the magazine covers around the world. 

Annie Couture has been destined to become a genuine center of stylish clothing, exclusive accessories, and jewelry. Before Annie Couture NY moved to an online-only store, Anna helped with the interior design, it became a conceptual space with its runway, on which fashion catwalks, vibrant performances, and advanced masterclasses from well-known fashion industry speakers from Russia, Europe, and America took place.

WhatsApp Image 2021 01 08 at 4.48.08 AM Anna Estrin: From the Fashion Designer to a Successful Blogger

Annie Couture became Anna Estrin’s reflection of fashion, she believes that a modest dress can look expensive, fashionable, and elegant. A closet of every successful and confident woman should not only contain a small cocktail dress but also a variety of formal, elegant garments for every occasion, a business meeting, a family reunion, or a dinner with friends. 

“Modest clothing can be much more attractive than dresses that expose various parts of a woman’s body. A modestly dressed woman doesn’t seduce with her openness and availability; she provokes curiosity, leaving the stronger sex to wonder about how beautiful and mysterious she is. Elegant patterns, original prints, and color layouts accentuate the body’s beautiful features and help to hide its flaws. Our designs are created to help every woman look presentable and highlight her grace and beauty without exposing herself.”

After Anna expanded her brand and made it available to the whole world by launching an online store, there has been more time to work on brand promotions, organize her projects, and participate in various PR-events. It is known, the face of the fashion brand is its designer, his or her fashionable images, and active social life, Anna Estrin has done her job very well. She grew her social media following, she has been published in multiple fashion magazines and dressed a large number of women, including celebrities. 

In 2020 Anna has decided to sell her boutique to an Israeli designer and start a new carrier as a fashion blogger and start her online magazine. 2020 has become a year of new opportunities for her and she continued writing about style and fashion just like she has been doing it a few years ago in Russia. Since Anna Estrin knows fashion from the inside, she can give the best advice and demonstrate them on herself. She also advises on decor, she has her greenhouse with dozens of plants, she raises 3 of her beautiful children, and cooks amazing healthy meals for everyone. Anna Estrin promotes a healthy lifestyle and family values, and she became a prototype of a modern successful woman of the 21st century.


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