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Prachi Sharma : Fusion Fashion Photographer from Jaipur

Prachi Sharma, fashion photographer reigning from India, explored a different dimension of fashion by aiming towards a fusion of traditional and modern.

Prachi Sharma, (@thirddimension) fashion photographer reigning from India, explored a different dimension of fashion by aiming towards a fusion of traditional and modern.

she says “The pictures come out as a tangent to the clichéd use of traditional costumes by keeping their ethnicity with a tinge of modernity. For example, as we are a part of this whole developing world where one cannot choose extremes such as ‘Am I a traditionalist or modernist?’ One generally tends to have flavors of both. Similarly, a modern woman here may not be a hardcore traditionalist or modernist but an evolution of both the forms, yet retaining her individuality. The modern fashion is reflected in her styling and the poses on one side while on the other, a traditional costume that has an amalgam of both the extremes and yet, can be worn in daily life.”

Her talent is appreciated far and wide.Her talent is recognised by major national and international magazines, she worked for many brands ,talent like her deserve all that
She shoot fashion,lookbook,portfolio, product, architecture (exterior &interior) and weddings
Prachi caught interest in the subject after the completion of her schooling. She regularly went for photo walks in Jaipur and that, fired up her passion. Her photos had a way of capturing people’s senses, even the simplest thing would look divine. Within a year, she got featured in an international magazine. That’s when she knew what she want.

Prachi moved out of Jaipur to explore more avenues and possibilities. She wanted to leave her comfort zone and take on the world by herself. Her work helped her get more contacts along with work assignments with companies like Swiggy and the likes.
After that, she moved to Mumbai to learn more. There were days when she worked as a re-toucher and took up freelancing projects to pay for her equipment. She also worked in Bangalore for a bit before heading back to Jaipur.

After meeting new people, learning new things from various people around the country, she came back to Jaipur. By fate, she got together her own professional team comprising of a stylist, make-up artist and her assistant. The team is her backbone who she says has turned into her family.
Prachi never backed away from refining her own work and always put a lot of thought behind the work she does for her clients. Everything she knows about photography, she has learnt it by observing other people or has learnt it herself. She believes, that if you have the will to learn, you can do it anywhere and anyhow. Each and every project of hers was a stepping stone for acing in her skills. She shares, “To have a vision and to execute it, depends on the person and their knowledge. No one can direct you or tell you how to do it.”



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