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The literal Fire-Eater, Fire-Breather and Fire-Dancer.

Sasha specializes in performance and circus arts such as Fire Stunts, stilt walking, sideshow, angle grinder, LED light shows, mermaid, aerial, and much more.

Who Is Fire Gypsy!

Sasha the Fire Gypsy is an incredible, accomplished performer who combines performance, dance, choreography, theatrics, contortion, and acrobatics to bring performance to the highest level of amazement and professionalism! As her sensual body flows with the beat of the music, she hypnotizes the crowd with her incredible ability to manipulate the fiery flame as if it were an extension of her own body instead of a burning force of nature. The crowd watches in silent amazement as Sasha puts fiery torches out with her mouth, dances with a blazing hula hoop, and executes impossible backbends while spinning balls of fire just inches away from her lovely face.

Sasha specializes in incredible, mind-blowing, and versatile fire performances.
Shows are customized to your event, budget, and vision. With over 13 completely different fire acts and 12 years of experience, the possibilities are endless! 

When asked about how she became a fire performer, Sasha explains that her love of fire began at an early age. She went to Valley Vocational High School, where she majored in metal fabrication. Sasha was the only woman in her class and she was the first female in the history of the school to become certified in welding. Sasha has also completed a blacksmithing apprenticeship, and to this day, she still enjoys metal fabrication and welding. Sasha continues to utilize these skills in creating new fire performance props and tools.

Sasha saw her first fire show in Florida at Clearwater Beach. 

“I can still remember the night I saw fire dancers as if it was yesterday,” Sasha explains. “I was so hypnotized, inspired, and excited! I told myself that I had to learn, I just had to have fire surround me like that.”

After the show she went back to see the fire performers, asking them all kinds of questions. She was hooked. When she got home that night she began researching the fire arts, reading everything she could find. She obtained a tutorial video and began practicing with tennis balls stuffed inside of old tube socks. In just a week, Sasha had learned all the basic moves and a few intermediate moves and decided to go back to the fire dancer show. After the show, she met with the fire dancers and showed them what she had learned. They were so impressed with the new skills that they had her do the moves with real fire. Sasha said “I was so excited yet terrified! I took them and set them ablaze. And there I was with the feeling of the fire all around me, the heat patterns caused by the flow path of the poi, that whooshing sound, the adrenaline, it put me into a different state of mind, a trance, a meditation. The fire took control of me. And the fire never let go.”

Sasha is also disciplined in several other performances and circus arts such as stilt walking, sideshow, angle grinder, LED light shows, mermaid, aerial, and much more! Sasha has a show to fit any event and will keep your guests talking for years to come!

Shows are family-friendly and great for all ages. Sasha has many different costumes to fit different themes and modesty levels. From that moment on Sasha has continued to practice and study to become the professional fire performer she is today. More recently Sasha has focused on perfecting her dance moves. 

“I wanted to dance with the fire, not just move it around. As I got better I really focused on moving my body to the beat of the music as well as the fire. Creating a flow of body and fire to the beat.” Sasha the Fire Gypsy has a real passion for her profession.

“Combining the energy of the fire and music, the flow took control of me. I feel the music, I feel the fire, I feel my body, and all together, they moved.”

Sasha the Fire Gypsy is an outstanding performer who uses elements of theatrics, choreography, and drama to bring her exciting fire show to its climax and yet always leaves the crowd wanting more. The way this amazing woman moves with the fire brings a whole new meaning to the term “Fire Dance”. Sasha performs a multitude of different fire acts that include unique, custom-made props creating an amazing experience that the audience will not soon forget. This Fire Gypsy is highly skilled in an incredible variety of different fire arts and has been performing for audiences since 2006. Sasha the Fire Gypsy is a modern-day fire eater and one of the top fire performance artists in New York.

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