Learn Retouching and Beauty Lighting with Iulia David

London based photographer Iulia David specialist in editorial, commercial and beauty portrait photography.


Do you ever struggle to edit your pictures and make them pop? Sometimes, no matter how good the lighting is, something is still missing.

Join Iulia David’s workshop, it is an step-by-step exploration of her usual workflow for beauty and portrait images. She will walk you through how to shoot beauty to getting a natural looking image and the easiest ways to retouch it.

So Who is Iulia David ?

 Iulia David is a London based photographer specialising in editorial, commercial and beauty portrait photography.  Born in a family of artists she has always been surrounded by art and curious in knowing the latest trends. Her style is simple and clean with an edge. Her work it is all about a collaborative synergy, bringing the most out of her team to create beautiful, compelling photographs.

She is represented by LHA Represents.

Beside shooting she is also an Interfit Photographic UK Creative pro and teaching both Beauty Lighting and Photoshop high end retouching.

CLICK HERE for her  interview for Women who Photo/ Photography Show 2019 for BBC

Her clients include some of the industry’s most known names :


BPerfect x Jac Jossa | Little Mix | Skinny Dip London | Becca Cosmetics | By Terry | Bondi Sands | Code 8 Beauty | Spectrum Collection | Bobbi Brown | Tatti Lashes | Iconic London| Little Mix Cosmetics | Lash Perfect | Phlearn | Poutcase | Incredible Cosmetics | The Beauty Crop | Gucci Beauty with Munroe Bergdorf | BlinkBrowBar| Purelan/Medela | Lalou London

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For her workshop she will have an amazing model and MUA, she will also cover the sort of makeup needed for beauty, the best lighting modifires and camera settings. Then, after everyone will take some pictures of the model and retouch one of the images herself so you can see her working step by step. You will also get a set of notes and actions.- including a skin action.

At the end, she plans to have Q&A time, you will be added to one of her secret Facebook group where you can get more tips and help and share your work at any time. This is a course that works for any experience, either you’re a beginner or someone who knows  his way in Photoshop.

What will you learn from her ?

– Beauty makeup and the right model choice/ the importance of a great team

–  Beauty lighting/shooting

– Intensive Beauty retouching, you will go through all the process she use to achieve the results on her portfolio.

You will learn the difference between commercial beauty lighting and editorial beauty and get to work with a  professional model. She will be assisting you and will explain the best crops and settings to get the best results.

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Her tips for Beauty Photography 

She have been doing beauty photography for about 6 years now and as everyone else, she always trying to improve her work. She says she has learned that a lot of the result has to do with a team effort and the best advice she could give to someone that just starts out is that you should find the right people for it.

She often get asked how does she retain the skin texture in her images. When she started, she thought that all the work is mostly done in post-production or a certain type of lighting etc. Reading a lot about makeup and beauty makeup in general, seeing RAW images from other inspirational photographers made her realizethat actually if the model’s skin doesn’t have texture then you clearly won’t have any texture to start with.  

To know the 5 Tips for Beauty Photography visit her blog by Clicking Here.

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What are your main mistakes as a retoucher?

1. Blurred skin

She says no one likes plastic looking skin. Most of the times more is less, so keep things natural. Instead of blurring the whole face and losing the texture, maybe just patch the spotty areas or use the clone stamp tool to remove any issues.

2. Clarity 

She love sharp images and sometimes she tend to add some clarity herself. She meet so many models saying that they look much older and all the imperfections come up more in some images. Why? Clarity. If the image isn’t properly edited any wrinkles/spots will be more visible.And it works well if you’re doing HDR portrait but not for beauty.

To read all the 6 Beauty Retouching Mistakes Click Here.

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Her website : Iulia David Photography

Instagram | Facebook Twitter

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