Mahsa Nejati : Explore Fashion and Beauty with a Dental Surgeon

Mahsa Nejati is a medical professional from Azerbaijan, Iran.


Mahsa Nejati aka Mahsa Shoaei is a dental surgeon who was born in the Azerbaijan region of Iran and her father was the director and rector of regional universities in the province and her mother was a lecturer. However, after the revolution of 1979, her parents lost their positions when a new government came into place. Raised in Sweden and based in London for over a decade, she is popularly known as the whitening queen of London. Mahsa moved to London when she was 23 and has been there for more than 10 years now.

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Since a very young age, Mahsa Nejati was interested in the field of medical science. Her sister who had become a dental surgeon influenced Mahsa’s thinking and she decided to pursue the same course from the Gothenburg University which is renowned for dental and medical sciences. The same campus where she studied saw a new chapter of her life where she crossed paths with the man of her dreams who is her husband now.

 However, after their studies, they separated their ways until destiny made them meet again when the duo moved to London without having any clue about each other’s plans. Today they are together and have made their living. With practising clinic part-time, Mahsa’s long-term goal is to run a business of clinics offering complete oral care solutions. Apart from this, her new interest in property development has seen her concentrate on every Central London properties.

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Speaking about how she balances her work life and social life she said, “I don’t think I always manage it. There are times when I realize that I need to work flat out on the business side of things. Yet at the same time, I am someone who loves to go out – whether it’s to restaurants or parties or whatever. One of the reasons I like to get out and about is that I think it’s essential not to become hermetically sealed in your own small world. I get influenced and inspired every day by the places I visit and people I meet.

The most common thing between this couple is the fact that they love travelling. She believes that staying in one place encourages monotony. “Travel helps you reconnect. It also gives you new perspectives and insights. Some of my most interesting conversations have been with complete or virtual strangers. I love that,” she stated.Screenshot 2020 08 01 at 1.26.08 AM

Mahsa, who is a passionate soul loves to travel and is also involved with various charities across the UK. Her family has also set up a charity to help underprivileged children with education. She believes that it is her heritage and decisions that have made her the woman she is today. The multicultural background has taught her a lot about diversity & tolerance. 

While speaking about her charity work, she said, “I have been involved and been on the committee of some major charities in the UK. However, recently I have tried to focus on my own charity which is run by my family with a lot of input from me for less fortunate children and focused on education. I do however still support various charities that are run by my friends.”

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Moreover, Nejati believes to do one thing at a time rather than multitasking. “I have learnt that the people who work with you are very important indeed. They can make or lose your business. My husband apart from being my best friend is my business companion and that speaks volumes”, she added. She is also closely associated with philanthropic acts including a charity for Caudwell Children which supports ill and disabled children and their families. Recently, she also got involved with the cause of breast cancer. She’s been in the medical profession and is also blessed with beautiful looks and has got a great fashion sense. “I like the fact that one can express oneself with clothing and create mood and atmosphere. I like to mix and match. I like to play around with different ideas and items from different brands. That’s how I make it mine”, said Mahsa.

Shedding light about her future plans, Nejati revealed that she has set her short-term as well as long-term plans. With the main goal of expanding her business, this talented woman wants to be remembered as the one who has been kind and helpful towards others. She believes in the positive energy and strongly feels that everything happens for the best and sometimes bad things are meant to cross paths just to redirect to the good things. With so much of major things happening, Mahsa Nejati has truly come a long way and has achieved unimaginable success in her life.

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Visit her Profile at :

Talentsofworld | Instagram | Youtube

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