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Jay Wud : Music producer | Guitarist | Singer

Jay Wud is a music producer, guitar player and singer. He was born in Lebanon and currently residing in Dubai.

Jay Wud (b. August 1, 1983 in Beirut) is a Lebanese musician, born into this world as a fully certified rocker.He’s known for his guitar chops, versatile singing and electrifying stage persona.He’s one of the most respected rockers in the Middle East with independent releases under his belt, Debut album “New Blood” & second album “False Utopia”. In 2014 Jay went to Los Angeles and recorded his 3rd record with grammy nominated and multi award winning producer Howard Benson (Motorhead, My Chemical Romance, Papa Roach, Sepultura)

Jay Wud initially contacted us in 2013 for a bespoke Explorer replica. This guitar was played on the False Utopia tour and features on most of Jay Wud youtube channel videos. Beyond his great guitar skills, Jay Wud is the greatest guy on earth and quickly becomes a close friend of the team. He’s now riding a Firewild prestige gold edition powered by EMG

And it all really has nothing to do with his hair, tattoos, or his attitude on stage. It’s about the versatility that this young artist offers to his listeners. Jumping from blues and rock to heavy metal, this Hydra of a musician is a compulsive genre-blender. While one of the tools at his disposal is his creamy yet wild vocal range, Jay never shies away from ripping into a badass guitar riff or solo. The man’s ability to pen a memorable song inevitably leads to his debut full-length studio recording.

New Blood marks the beginning of Jay Wud’s career. The album was self-produced from A to Z, and gives you a unique insight into what this talented artist is capable of. From the haunting lyrics and melody of Fuzzy Colors — a song that takes a jab at Lebanese politics — to the groovy and dirty Drowning In Euphoria, Jay jumps into a mix of heavy guitar riffing and darbouka with Burning Daze, and then back to the fundamentals of rock in Super Woman, leaving his audience longing for more. Every track on the album is a journey in itself, and plays a part as one of the central veins in Jay Wud’s New Blood.

He had the honor of supporting Titans such as  Guns’n’roses, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Sons of Apollo (UK summer tour 2018) and Skunk Anansie with his band (himself, Bojan and Eriks). He supported the legend Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) with Lebanese band The Kordz and landed an opening slot for the mighty Aerosmith with his friend Paulak. Those were really awesome shows as he got to perform for crowds up to 20000.Some brands he endorse and work with are, Redbull , ESP Guitars, EMG pickups, Orange amps and Dean Markley strings.

1. New Blood

2. Incomplete Heart


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