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Parham Potki’s recent album ‘ When i Was Sezar ‘ will make your day !

Parham Potki has released a new album named " When I was Sezar " on all platforms. Listen to his astonishing music at all audio platforms.

Parham Potki – When I Was Sezar

When I Was Sezar – Parham Potki

Playlist – When I Was Sezar by Parham Potki

Parham Potki has released a new album, ” When I was Sezar ” at all audio platforms on 6 September 2020. This album is already being loved by People Worldwide. In this album, He used 11 of his old songs from the heyday of his hip-hop, and in-fact released these songs as an album after 5 years.

  Playlist :

  1. Beshkan Hame Dar Haro – Parham 
  2. Bodo – Parham feat. Sharlatan
  3. Bomb – Parham 
  4. Calorie – Parham 
  5. Door – Parham 
  6. Enghelab – Parham 
  7. Khalaban – Parham 
  8. Miram Be Khoone – Parham  Feat. Ali Owj
  9. Moondimo Mimoonim – Parham Feat. Ario Barzan
  10. Naro Bargard – Parham 
  11. Sokhari – Parham Feat. Deev

Beshkan Hame Dar Haro – Parham 

Bodo – Parham feat. Sharlatan

Bomb – Parham

Calorie – Parham

Door – Parham

Enghelab – Parham

Khalaban – Parham

Miram Be Khoone – Parham  Feat. Ali Owj

Moondimo Mimoonim – Parham Feat. Ario Barzan

Sokhari – Parham Feat. Deev

Talented artists like Sharlatan, Ali Owj, Deev, and Ario Barzan collaborated with him on this album. Two songs from the album were also composed by Epicure. The songs on this album had previously been released individually on a number of websites, but not officially. He also used to work under the artistic name of Parham Sezar and has been working under the real name of Parham Potki for the last few years.

One of his characteristics is his special and different voice and his composing style has a different and specific style and atmosphere. His music has been attracting a lot of Artists, Musicians and Labels who are eager to work with him. 

With the release of this album, he wanted to officially make these songs available to everyone and to remind the people of his time, especially his fans.

Enghelab song and Sokhari song are among the most popular of this album

The song “Sokhari” was one of the good hip-hop diss track of his time, in which Deev also collaborated with Parham.

Listen to Album at   Spotify    YoutubeMusic

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