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Fashion/ Portrait Photographer : Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi is an Arab-American fashion and portrait photographer based in Detroit, Michigan.

Born to Lebanese parents in Detroit, Michigan on 25 Spetember 1989, Jessica Kobeissi is a Fashion and Portrait Photographer. Her work ethic and generosity have built a strong following of over 1.74 Million people, who watch her adventures and listen to her advice on Youtube.

At an early age, she stumbled upon the website Neopets – where she became increasingly curious about graphic design, typography, and coding. In college, she actually studied and graduated with a graphic design degree. She grew up using Photoshop and loved to edit and retouch, so she really started to photograph to be able to edit her own photos. In the end she really loved taking pictures, so she just stuck with it.

During her early years online graphic designing she used a lot of fashion magazine editorial scans from Harpers, Vogue, Elle, Nylon etc. so it was something she had always been exposed to. She also love fashion and conveying attitude in her photos.

Jessica Kobeissi’s style of work is normally done by using portrait photography. At first glance, many of her photos attract the eye to notice the subject – and then the clothes. As Jessica is also a fashion photographer, her main goal is to get your eye to look toward the clothes – the lines, colors, and textures of them.

Jessica has a website where she arranges and posts her photos, a successful YouTube channel where she creates tutorials, and all sorts of social media including Instagram. When asked about her social media in an interview with Loenke Magazine, why she started and how did it impect on her career as Photographer she replied :

“I’ve been writing tutorials since I was 14 years old – so it just seemed natural to me. Before photography I was into graphic design and would be asked how I got a certain effect or how I designed something, so I wrote a tutorial and people loved it. Ever since then I’ve just been used to creating them for people to learn!

For photography I don’t know if (social media) it’s extremely important, but it definitely helps in some cases. I wouldn’t say it is a make or break kinda thing – at the end of the day it’s your work that matters. You can have a million followers but if your work isn’t that great – then it’s just not that great. You can only go so far until your work has to stand on its own.”

She is also a wedding photographer and as she says – she thinks her fashion shoots always inspire how she shoot her weddings and a lot of her clients book her because they want some of that fashion photography attitude mixed in with their wedding photography.

She gets inspired with ideas for photography from her travel, so whenever she have time she books a ticket and go on an adventure. She love to meet new people and sometimes while she talk an idea will pop into her head and she’ll have to pause them and say, “wait a second! You just gave me a great idea and I have to write this down before I lose it!”
She absolutely love Lina Tesch, she’s one of her favorite photographers. She love the attitude and feeling in her photos. She also really love Bonnie Hansen, she says her work is phenomenal.

When asked which photograph of her represents her the most she replied:

I really love this photo because we woke up very early to catch the light in Downtown Detroit. The colors, the location and the model (my stylist) represent my style very well.

Some of her work :

Visit her profile at :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Visit her website :

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