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Max Mechler – Beauty & Product Photographer.

a passionate beauty, fashion, and product photographer.

Max MechlerMax Mechler

Max Mechler is an Amazing Photographer from Solingen, Germany. He has worked with some amazing Customers Like Artdeco, Gosh Copenhagen, Mulac, Smashbox, Glamglow, Und Gretel Cosmetic, Jasmin Erbas ,, L.O.V Cosmetics, Laetitia Lemak

He has also worked with some great Models & celebrities: Kim Hnizdo, Aram Armi, Klaudia Giez, Julia Fröhlich And More…

Max Mechler is a passionate photographer who has turned his passion into a profession with a lot of dedication and diligence.

As a native of Erfurt, He likes to travel and at the same time He is also traveling professionally all over the world. He pursue his orders internationally because He loves to face new challenges.
Thanks to his many years of experience, his creativity, and great attention to detail, He can take great pictures in various areas.

In recent years He has specialized in the field of beauty photography. Through numerous projects, He was able to quickly consolidate his skills in many areas of beauty photography. He is now an expert in this field and do not shy away from any new task. He was also able to convince well-known companies of his talent by staging various beauty products – whether breastfeeding photography or in close-up.

His work is characterized by naturalness, authenticity, and transparency. As a personable and cosmopolitan photographer, He enjoy working with people – whether on the set or in cooperation.

I really Appriciate his Work, Dedication and The Passion for supporting Other photographers. He inspires a lot of Beginners and Freelancers. His teaching techniqes are commendable and helping many people to persue their dreams.

Have A  Look at Some of the Works of MAX.

Beauty PhotographyBeauty PhotographyBeauty PhotographyBeauty PhotographyBeauty Photography

( Visit this link to look his more work )

Why is coaching interesting for you?
Do you know the feeling that you think other photographers are better than you? That you turn in a circle and get stuck? That your portfolio does not reflect the quality of your work? That you lack new input and freshness in your profile?

If you have answered one or more questions with YES, then this coaching is definitely something for you! MAX can help you with all these and many other questions.
As He Says ;

I can still clearly remember my customer Jana. She is a young and talented photographer, and because she wanted to keep getting better, she had already invested a lot of time in photography. However, she quickly realized that at some point she had reached a point where she had reached her limits. She had imagined her pictures in her head, but could not implement her ideas. Even after the image had been edited, the photos never looked the way they intended. She was so frustrated that she almost gave up photography.

I can just as well remember my early days as a photographer. I had also invested so much time to be where I am now. I kept trying new things to find that I often run into a wall. This feeling that my image editing simply does not improve or that others get to their destination faster, better, and more successfully has long occupied me and really pulled me down. That led to a high level of frustration and I – like Jana – almost declared my passion to be over

Regardless of whether you are still a bloody beginner or already advanced, His coaching has something for every entry-level.

To give you an insight into which areas the coaching will focus on, you will find a brief overview below.

1. Ideas:
Here I will show you how you can find your ideas. There are many ways you can get inspiration these days. The first thing I will explain to you is why inspiration is so important.

2. Planning:
There is nothing more important than to prepare perfectly for a shoot – from the concept to the organization of the team (model, MUA). Your concept should also be as detailed as possible. You can find out what you should absolutely note here.

What should your picture express? I explain to you which lighting sets I use because with different light you create different moods.

4. Photography:
What equipment should you use and how? I explain exactly these things to you here. Once you’ve found the perfect light for your shoot, you’ll need the right camera settings afterward.

5.Picture selection:
Now you have so many pictures, but can not decide? Right here I will show you what is important to choose the ideal photos for your shoot.

7.Image editing:
The best picture won’t do you good if you don’t edit it perfectly. Of course you can hire a retoucher, but from experience I can tell you: a good photographer should master this craft himself.

8.Social media presence:
High-quality images are a good basis for your social media presence and essential to sell you. I will also teach you how to reach potential new customers.

Learn More With MAX Here :

Get Tips and Tricks about Photography at his Blog :

Max Mecheler - Photographer.

Connect With MAX MECHLER’S at Website:


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