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Alan Wittels : Singer | Songwriter

Alan Wittels is a native talent who was born in Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela, on February 26, 1999.

Alan Wittels is a native talent who was born in Caracas, Capital District, Venezuela, on February 26, 1999. 
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He started his career as YouTuber, and later Get out of your comfort zone and venture into the world of music. His style is framed within the trap genre, to form a fresh, fun, and original proposal. He currently resides in the city of Miami, United States where he seeks to conquer the international youth audience through his voice with new musical projects.

Alan Wittels grew up and raised as a normal child. From the age of 12, he was already a precocious composer, who wanted to be able to capture songs that would tell real stories and that would make him different from other singer-songwriters. 

In the last decade, YouTube has been a great platform for some artists, many of them have used it to their advantage and have transcended the limits of popularity and have established themselves as big stars. This was precisely the beginning of the career of the young man from Caracas. The cameras were Alan Wittels’ best Ally, because, thanks to them, he began to upload videos on everyday topics to a digital platform called Vine (a website created to publish videos of a maximum duration of 7 seconds. It stopped working in 2016). With the use of this medium, Alan managed to reach more than 20 thousand followers.Screenshot 1942 07 06 at 9.53.01 PM Alan Wittels : Singer | Songwriter

Shortly after, he decides to jump to the Instagram application and make use of its new functionality: Instavideos. With it, it began to emerge mainly and began to gain a large audience, reaching a community of more than 345k followers getting noticed in this social network, he decided to venture into a new digital platform, when he felt the need that 15 seconds of video was not enough to satisfy the demands of his loyal followers.

For Alan, YouTube was a hotbed to demonstrate his talent and captivate an audience that goes beyond social media. Thanks to this medium, he became one of the most successful and well-known Venezuelan YouTubers among the young Venezuelan public. Today he is associated with other important figures in the world of YouTube such as Daniela Barranco, Hola Kylie, Luisfer Polito, and Sonia Gil, obtaining a great global impact and accessibility to the artistic medium.Screenshot 1942 07 06 at 9.53.31 PM Alan Wittels : Singer | Songwriter

The genre that defines the artist is trap (a musical subgenre of hip hop that emerged in 1990, in the southern United States). However, as a child, he was a lover of hip hop and other urban genres such as reggaeton and R&B.His musical style is characterized by mixing different sounds and tropical genres such as dance soul and classic hip hop. His greatest influence in the world of music is the renowned singer J Balvin. According to Wittles, he admires the way this artist has taken a genre and changed it in his own way regardless of criticism. His goal is to give a different essence to the genre, exploring musical rhythms ranging from hip hop, pop, and Anglo-Saxon. It aims to achieve this with original proposals whose scenes are explicit without becoming vulgar and in this way make music that can permeate all ages. However, as an exponent of the genre, he affirms that he constantly worked to cultivate and improve it every day. Alan’s sound and musical proposal keep the essence of a style that is here to stay.


1. KRUSH( Released on 22 Feb 2020) is available on Youtube

2.Su Nombre in 2019 

3.Mentiras in 2019 

4. Tiempo in the year. 2018  

5. AMIGOS in the year 2020


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