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Nirali Kartik – A Hindustani Classical Vocalist from Mumbai.

Hindustani Vocalist, Co-Founder and Lead Singer - Maati Baani, INK Fellow 2016, Taj Ki Nayi Awaz

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A Hindustani Classical Vocalist from Mumbai, India, Nirali Kartik started to learn music at the young age of nine. A culturally rich environment at home provided the foundation for her art and nourished her creative abilities. After being introduced in Hindustani Music by Shri P. G. Shinde at Saptak School of Music, Nirali started to learn under the guidance of Shri Vikas Parikh.

Nirali is currently training under Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar.

A recipient of Shrestha Sadhaka Award, 2004, and Guru Gangadhar Pradhan Award, 2012, Nirali’s devotion and dedication to this sacred art has grown to become a central focus of her life. As Nirali sings, she enters the mood of the Raga, drawing the audience along with an adventurous musical journey. The chance to hear this gifted vocalist, with her exceptional and resonating voice, provides a profound and deeply inspiring glimpse of the depth of Indian Music.

Her forte lies in elaborate Aalapchari, the briskness in Taans, and clarity of the Swaras. Her vocal renditions are concluded with semi-classical compositions, Bhajans and Padas of Haveli Sangeet.

Nirali has been a pioneer in putting forth Hindustani Classical music to a vast online audience by the means of videos on Youtube and has a dedicated viewership of music lovers across the globe. Her versatility lies in her understanding of the various genres of music and treating them in her own unique style. Her style of singing has made her the voice of several award-winning films and documentaries.

Nirali formed the widely acclaimed music group ‘ Maati Baani’ with her husband Kartik Shah and started a new thread of music where Indian Classical met various forms of World traditions in a one-of-its-kind experiment on Youtube. Together they collaborate with musicians from different countries and create the freshest forms of original music.

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Nirali’s versatility lies in her understanding of different genres of music and fusing her style effortlessly in each song. Because of this, she has been a part of several collaborations with her world music band Maati Baani, American clarinetist Shankar Tucker, Immortal Ragas of Manakkulam & French band Masaladosa.
Her upcoming project is a massive collaboration of over 60 artists from all around the world with her band Maati Baani.

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Have a Look At her Performances:

(Click the link to watch the video)

Raag Bageshri – Nirali Kartik and Saili Oak

Maru Bihag – Nirali Kartik

Payaliya Jhankaar – Raga Puriya Dhanashri | Nirali Kartik

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