Stunt Rider – Radislav Mihajlov : Man with Bikes In His Blood

Radislav Mihajlov is a Stunt Rider from Zrenjanin, Serbia


Radislav Mihajlov is a Stunt Rider, born September 25, 1993 in Zrenjanin,Serbia is a Skilled Stunt Rider. After leaving football years back, he began to deal with extreme sport called stunt riding. His first bike was Kymco Super 9s, after he learned some basic tricks, Radislav continued with Yamaha Aeroxto raise riding skills to the highest level.

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Radislav says:
I have bikes in my blood. My grandfather had a bike, father and brother also have had their bikes, but nobody wasn't looking on motorcylces like on sport.
I found a lot of good riders like Angyal Zoltan,Chris Pfeiffer, Feri Potzner on internet, and I was stunned by their awesome stunts. I wanted to try some of those stunts. And so it all began, with plenty of hard work and lots of training.

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Radislav appeared in Germany, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.After hundreds of falls as physically so mentally, he always get up and tried it harder.
By winning all competitions in 2012, he officially became one of the best scooter stunt riders.

He says his entire life revolves around the engine. He lie in bed with thoughts about the engine, and he also wake up with them. Although he has achieved victories and a lot of success in the competitions, what drives him is that connection between him and the engine when they act as one. It is simply a feeling that will remain for the ordinary people forever. He always give his maximum, whether at a competition, a training or a show. This sport carries a number of risks and injuries, but he is not thinking about it, the only thing he can think of when something like that happens is: "How long will he have to wait to drive again?" he never gave up his dreams, he always fought for them and that led him where he is today. His motto is: "Dream big and never give up!"

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2017: 9th place Stunt GP World Championship
2016: 1st place HSRC (Kunmadaras, Hungary)
2015: 3rd place ASD Best show contest (Austria)
7th place LSC (Vilnius, Lithuania)
2013: Plovdiv Fair moto show 4th place (Bulgaria)

2012: -Scooterhappening Virovitica 1st place (Croatia)
-Plovdiv Fair moto show 1st place (Bulgaria)
-First round of HSRC 1st place (Hungary)
-Second round of HSRC 1st place (Hungary)
-Third round of HSRC 1st place (Hungary)
Junior class champion of HSRC for 2012!

2011: -Plovdiv moto fair 2nd place (Bulgaria)
-Second place in Hungarian Stunt riding Championship
-Extreme stunt show Uzice 3rd place and award of crowd for best rider

2010: -Kunmadaras extreme weekend 5th place (Hungary)

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For him 'Stunt' is a motto in which the driver performs acrobatics on the engine or, to be more precise – most often on the rear wheel, on a flat surface. 

"I literally have to be one with the engine and it is a feeling that will remain unknown to people who do not drive. It's challenging to control an engine that weighs 170 kg and you know you can't keep it when it gets out of control, ”says Mikhailov, who brought his performance to perfection, so when you watch it in action everything seems so fluid, almost easy.

It is a discipline that is more performative in character, and although there are competitions even at the world level, 'stunt' drivers generally perform as part of show programs in motorcycle racing. Just like most motorsports, a 'stunt' is a lot of fun, because the engine has to be completely redone, so Radet's Kawasaki 636, as he says, looks like KTM on steroids. Due to the nature of the sport, the engine is easy to wear and tires wear out quickly. For example, Mikhailov changes between 30 and 40 rear tires in a year, so when we say 'stunt' drivers say 'kill tricks and tires' then that's what we mean.

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It wasn't long before he became the champion of Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria in the smaller categories, and a bit later, the champion of Hungary in class 6 on the big engine. The successes of the competitions have been in a row, and probably one of the biggest is the ranking in the Top10 drivers at the 2017 World Cup. 'Stunt' took him across Europe.

 The talent is there and it is undeniable, but every sport takes its toll, and so the hero of our story had a serious injury that put a question mark on his further career and threatened to separate him from his two-wheeled pet. The willpower was stronger.

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Visit his profile at :

Talentsofworld |Instagram |Facebook |Twitter

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