Top Songs by Amazing Alina Pash

Alina Pash is the main discovery of the year and breakthrough on the Ukrainian music scene.

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Who is Alina Pash?

Alina Pash was the fundamental disclosure of that year and leap forward on the Ukrainian music scene. The novel style of the artist is a blend of electronic music, hip-bounce, popular music, and ethnic. She is a 100% Bitanga (from the ruthenian lingo “Criminal”) who breaks the arrangement of old generalizations spread around the world. A valid style of the vocalist is a blend of electronic music, hip-bounce, popular music, ethnic and people.

Her point is very unadulterated: to illuminate the crowd by inward music. Brought into the world in a little Ukrainian town, Alina Pash was raised based on age-old Carpathian customs, which framed her as an autonomous soul with profound roots in one of a kind Motherland. Presently many deliveries and a major group of her mark Bitanga Blood are behind the craftsman.

Alina Pash Songs

In April 2018, Alina Pash introduced the introduction video/single “Bitanga”, which is interpreted from Ruthenian vernacular as “hoodlum”. The video was shot in Transcarpathia — in the vocalist’s local town. The delivery turned into a web sensation and turned out to be staggeringly famous in only a couple of days. Alina got a few honors for this track at the Jagermeister Indie Awards and got into all top Ukrainian music and style media.

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BOSORKANYA – by Alina Pash

Bosorkanya” – another otherworldly spine chiller from Alina Pash is perhaps her best video. A night custom in which a conflict of dim and light powers – Angel and Demon – unfurls before the eyes of gatherings of extremists.

Vocalist Alina Pash introduced a video of a witch’s sabbath on the track from her introduction collection Pintea: Gory. The video debuted at Dovzhenko’s outdoor film studio. 

The video was coordinated by French chipmaker Nathan Daisy. This is his fifth video for Alina Pash. He has recently shot music recordings for OINAGORI, Padlo (with Alyona), Good Evening/Ego gra, and Slukhay.

The clasp shows a Carpathian secret where it uncovers the narrative of the battle between great and evil through the exemplary pictures of a holy messenger and a demon.

Watch Video 

N.U.M ( nobody Understands me)

Alina blends electronic classes, hip-jump, pop, and ethno and utilizes the Transcarpathian tongue. Her exceptional style makes her stand apart on the Ukrainian stage. The single NUM is no exemption – it is loaded up with ethnic thought processes, sound force, and a fiery climate.

NUM is a workmanship statement against social misconception. It is a call to understand the roots and an update not to fail to remember their places of force – emphatic hip-jump with components of ethnic motifs. She utilizes a few dialects in the stanzas of the melody – Ukrainian, English, and Russian. In her work, she needed to pass on the possibility that music has no limits, and language is only one of the instruments.

As per Alina, the track Nobody Understands Me is addressed to every one of the people who actually live somewhat recently, who direct strange and obsolete standards of life and conduct.

Note that the single NUM was delivered on the new name Alina Pash – Bitanga Blood. The melodic part was composed by Stas Kulakovsky, otherwise known as Inodi, notwithstanding which Nathan Daisy and wwwaaavvveee from the artist’s group chipped away at the track.


Watch Video


And her new Music video of “WITCH” ft. Apashe is also Out now !! Make sure to have a look over here!



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