Which Pandava Brother Are You? – Play The Quiz To Find Out!!

Which of the five Pandavas do you resemble the most- Yudhishthira, Bheema, Arjuna, Nakula or Sahadeva?

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Want to know which Pandava Brother resembles you the most?
Play this quiz to find out and learn more about your own personality. 

  1. 1 What do you think is your best quality?

    1. 9C78D67E 739B 45C9 8CBD 70D1A8030B20
    2. 381C9FE5 A1D8 4B65 BD4F 080221A6886B
      Bravery and Fearlessness
    3. A41F79A9 EC24 45A3 A593 2E172615E2E0
      Physical Beauty
    4. D8D90594 223A 4902 A935 3E08C0FFA66B
  2. 2 What subject interests you the most?

    1. C7560BBD 71BD 4A5B B963 F1E0D13662D6
      Music & Dance
    2. E554A7B6 A81F 436C B154 B6147936579F
    3. DEA7C9E4 21A4 4780 8177 49753E9C00AC
    4. EBCB7C6C 68DB 40A0 9F6C E0CD8D677423
      Learning languages
  3. 3 What do you think other people feel or praise you about?

    1. F4A199FD 2179 4E20 AE52 9BA067F44283
      Display of Strength
    2. EB88ADA4 1278 492E A559 68417A9E22B0
      My Plannings
    3. 36F8B50D 9DBD 4E0B 83DD 3A97C0D49030
      My good looks
    4. F99B18BC 960D 4D41 A1A8 BA6969A87469
      I’m everybody’s favourite
    5. DDF6EC92 6DC3 4F28 B948 7EA4CBFD07ED
      My great decisions
  4. 4 What is your one quality not many people notice?

    1. 23268F70 311A 4586 9160 6F7E50119494
      Taking care of everybody
    2. DA8C2CD7 BEAA 4F55 9B57 A7E3FDC7894C
      Love for animals
    3. 8EB6B175 6F08 4BA0 8D4E D4A1726569A8
      Knowledge in my subject
    4. D4D52ABC A191 4B8D 9461 2C321E86F6F8
      Leadership Qualities
    5. 6753627F E6C8 4004 AA5B 33BD311ED616
      Humble Nature
  5. 5 Are you hot tempered or calm?

    1. A20EBB12 6EB5 4F83 9A36 C81F8C173126
      Hot tempered
    2. D8C8F45F 9BA5 406E A6E0 A6039F9DBBB4
  6. 6 Pick one bad quality of yours.

    1. 3AF80CDD F940 440A A57D 1584C725F148
      Lust for fight
    2. 86E383B1 C309 4B19 8446 B2B5E21FB92F
      Lust for winning a game
    3. 918298F6 8174 456C 9D8D BE46A2CE7E0A
      Take pride in my beauty
    4. 5805EA9D 7342 4589 894A FBBE2F815DD8
      Choose family over righteousness
  7. 7 In which thing you got lucky?

    1. 9320BA64 C6F4 453C B435 28F42707DF94
      Good genes
    2. 0FE36E44 F47F 4846 ADD4 A0F0891C2964
      Great Brothers
    3. F84FF2F1 7D1A 452E B1A6 5EEB4E7BF4F9
      Favoured by people
    4. 70397C88 8456 4455 B722 2CB7AA559D65
      I’m the strength of my family
    5. E7CCC08C 94F4 4482 AFCF 38C46450811C
      Knowledge of right and wrong
  8. 8 If you were born in Mahabharata’s times what would be your preferred subject?

    1. 057F3124 1C26 41EC 9528 5E74431E94F0
    2. 8BD62D1C 6363 4203 ADC1 8E18432E2718
      Gada/ Wrestling
    3. C47EFF9F BF47 4299 B9D6 34F9C5734B58
      War Planning
    4. 1B05D4CE F8A9 4CE1 B8CA 084CF8F93E47
    5. D1ABE26D E151 4AE5 921C 58B4C5D6418F
      Spear fighting
  9. 9 Choose one of the following subject.

    1. F3399DD4 CC4F 4ECA BEE5 4F9AA68DC530
      Axe fighting
    2. 6E92F0DA DC55 4830 AD08 3822E917EDA9
      Chariot Racing
    3. 11B527D1 4568 45B7 AD5E 8E1104992450
  10. 10 Would you sacrifice food for learning something?

    1. Definitely not
    2. Obviously
    3. I wouldn’t mind
    4. Probably
  11. 11 Are you mostly focused and dedicated to your work?

    1. Definitely
    2. Generally
  12. 12 Do you really love animals?

    1. Yes
    2. Definitely, I love horses and basically everything
    3. I don’t really have an opinion about this
  13. 13 Are you interested in Politics and Humanties?

    1. I like Politics
    2. Yes, I love them
    3. Not really
  14. 14 Which of the following defines you the most?

    1. I’m a nerd and would prefer to be in a room reading and learning rather than fighting a battle.
    2. I love fighting and socialising and I’m good at it. I protect who I love.
    3. I love and respect Great War heroes and ought to be like them. I put righteousness over everything.
    4. I love and respect great people and wish to be a great person myself but I’d put my family and people I love over righteousness.
    5. There are two things to know about me first that I love animals and second that I’d always be by my brother’s side
  15. 15 Which image describes you the most?

    1. 4D8741F3 1D17 4328 B188 99429232E437
    2. E9E8B487 1DEC 4C25 B0B4 4A192C09CB5C
    3. C195BE04 C763 45A9 BD0C 1DE00040C119
    4. 0E9C1F10 80CA 4DA7 B64A 849E9BC39EA4
    5. 602F6879 5A21 449B 91D9 D3E4A6C423FA

Which Pandava Brother Are You? - Play The Quiz To Find Out!!

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  1. Quiz result


    7C07D065 87F9 401D B905 6DD98547D33D

    Yudhishtira is the eldest among the five Pandava brothers. He was master in spear-fighting and chariot racing. Yudhishthira was a polyglot, knowing unusual languages. He was known for his honesty, justice, sagacity, tolerance, good behavior and discernment.

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  2. Quiz result


    9562C117 ED5F 41CD 946D C8B62AED03AE

    Bhima is the second among the five Pandavas. Hindus and Buddhists alike pay him respect for his strength, valor, and his willingness to fight against falsehood. Apart from his strength Bhima is also well renowned as “Vrikodara” due to an enormous appetite.

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  3. Quiz result


    EBDBEF96 D34E 4507 85D0 F0B6E282B979

    Arjuna is the third among Pandavas. He was a key warrior from the Pandava side and slew many warriors including Karna and Bhisma. Arjuna was a brilliant student and was favoured by his beloved teacher, Drona. Arjuna is depicted as a skilled archer, winning the hands of Draupadi. Apart from his war skills he was great in music and dance.

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  4. Quiz result


    E4385F1A EB2F 48B8 BC14 C5044C948DF8

    Nakula was fourth of the five Pandava brothers. Nakula and Sahadeva were twins. Skilled in Ayurveda, sword fighting and horse keeping, Nakula is regarded as the most handsome man in the Mahabharata. In the Kurukshetra War, Nakula killed many warriors including Vrikasura, Shakuni's son.

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  5. Quiz result


    A9691494 4779 4401 853C D4578E000621

    Sahadeva  was the youngest of the Pandava brothers, the five protagonist of the epic Mahabharata. He and his twin brother, Nakula. Sahadeva is described to be skilled in swordsmanship and astrology. During the Kurukshetra War, he killed many warriors including Shakuni.

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